Welcome to ITC

Since opening in 1976, the Illinois Theatre Center has been devoted to bringing the finest professional theatre to the South Suburbs.  Over the years, Illinois Theatre Center Website has brought you plays that provoke and enlighten, as well as entertain.  New plays and classics.  Innovative, off-beat musicals, and beloved titles that haven’t been seen in many years.

Our productions feature many of the Chicago area’s finest actors.  Dozens of performers who made their professional debuts at ITC have gone on to careers on Broadway, on television, and in movies, with great success.  We continue to bring exciting performers to our stage.  There’s no need to head up to the city and spend a fortune on tickets, gas and parking.  Our intimate 179-seat theatre is comfortable, convenient, and fully accessible. For any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact ilthctr.org.

Acting classes for beginners
When starting with acting classes, your teacher needs to discover what roles can you connect easily  and what roles may be a challenge for you. For example, if you are a funny student, you should be given comedic roles. However, it doesn’t exclude you to try a different role, such as dramatic and vulnerable character. The beginners of acting classes, in the beginning should be given roles that can easily deal with it and easily succeed in performing, but later on the teacher should give an opportunity to the student and level up the roles. The acting classes for beginners should include elements of improving the voice and movements. Normally, the students – actors need help with diction, vocal projection and breath control, and most important of all is that all these exercises should be fun for the student. Confidence is essential for actors. Illinois Theatre Center definitely offers you the best beginner acting classes in Chicago.

Acting classes for Children

These acting classes for children will bring confidence to your child while building their acting skills, memorizing the lines, making friends and having fun. The students will receive instruction how to act in front of a camera, commercial acting, theatrical acting. Whether or not they are not going to be professionals, we encourage the children to be natural, friendly and to be aware of their own unique qualities, such as creativity and imagination. We make effort to provide professional learning and challenging environment that develops creative and hard working actors. Illinois Theatre Center is the perfect place for kids acting classes in Chicago. While waiting for your kids’ class to finish, you can spend some time reading something interesting on the internet or to play popular casino games on your mobile device. Almost every casino has typical offers that allow players to use no deposit bonuses. These promotions usually range from$10 up to $200 and give players the opportunity to play a wide selection of casino games. It’s a good way to spend your time doing something fun, and it would be even better if you win some real money too.